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It’s never easy to relinquish control, particularly when it’s your home and your money. But if the goal is to sell, and to sell fast, then you’re better off trusting the market, even if this advice appears trivial or counterintuitive, such as undercutting everyone else’s price. But you just want to get rid of the house, you need to cut your losses and move on.
To get a sense of what we mean, read below, all any experienced agent will say these are areas where home sellers often need some persuading.
Price it right; price it low
You absolutely need to understand the price buying mentality of the shopper. They are looking to get a deal and they know you need to sell fast. So there will be eventually a meeting of the minds and that’s price. So if you want top dollar and you can wait it out. Get an agent. But if you want to move on, then sell at a price that is attractive.
I always tell sellers, you can never price a house too low, because the market will take care of it.
If this were an auction situation, the price can be immediately determined, however your setting the price, so do yourself a favor, save time and hassle, set the price to a painful low. The low price can draw competing bids.
If you start high and start lowering it, you will never get to the number that you will get to by starting low and going up, because when you start lowering the price, people will start wondering what’s wrong with the house. … And if it’s been sitting awhile, people will try and low ball.
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